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Massage Therapies
Medically Necessary                            
Our therapists are trained to provide a healing, therapeutic massage session according to your doctor's recommendations. 
Sometimes after a car accident, your auto insurance may pay for you to receive massage, to reduce the pain and effects of whiplash and speed healing. Other times, your health insurance may cover massage to help treat a particular medical condition. We have an insurance billing specialist on staff that can find out if massage may be covered by your insurance.
Massage Sampler 55 minutes, $80
This deeply-relaxing 55-minute Head-to-Toe Massage Sampler takes care of the pains of your most commonly stressed areas (back, neck, shoulders), while still allowing you to experience a relaxing and pampering session at the spa. (Formerly named "Head-To-Toe Spa Sampler)55-minutes Includes: 25-minute Back, Neck & Shoulder Soother (25-minutes) + 15-minute Ayurvedic Face & Scalp Massage +
15-minute Renewed Sole Therapy.

 Classic Relaxation Massage 80 min $105, 50 min $65                           
This is a customized massage incorporating traditional Swedish massage therapy techniques (effleurage, petrissage, cross-fiber friction), acupressure, and Neuromuscular techniques, as needed.
Deep Tissue Massage 80 minutes, $115, 50 minutes, $80
Customized just as much as our Classic Relaxation Massage, just tailored to those bodies requiring extra pressure.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Soother 50 minutes, $65
As the name explains, this is a specific massage just for those stressed-out areas! This extra attention allows more focus to ensure more muscle relaxation. Your therapist will incorporate the anti-inflammatory oils to specific areas of stress to reduce inflammation.

 Specialized Therapies
Massage on the Rocks (Hot Stone) 80 minutes, $115, 50 minutes, $80
Enjoy our stone massage with an aromatherapy cocktail. The gentle warmth and weight of the stones allows the muscles to enter into a state of deep relaxation.

Hot Herbal Poultice Massage 80 minutes, $125
Is your body feeling achey or sore? Do you find heat soothing to your stressed out muscles? We combine a massage with hot herbal poultice compressions to synergistically work to heal the body. Our herbal poultices contain anti-inflammatory herbs to further encourage healing and much-needed relief.
 Skin Nourishing Body Envelopment 80 minutes, $125
The perfect spa treatment for dry skin! First, enjoy a light skin exfoliation, then your therapist applies a nourishing, rich mixture of butters and moisturizing oils. You are cocooned to allow this nourishing butter to fully soak in to the kin, while you receive a mezmorizing scalp massage. Afterwards, enjoy a brief massage to further drive those nourishing oils deeper into your skin.
Body Rejuvenator 80 minutes, $115
Feeling sluggish? This is the perfect combination of techniques- Swedish massage, Lymph Drainage, Acupressure, Aromatherapy, and Hydrotherapy- to bring the body back to life!

Couples Massage 50 minutes $130, 80 minutes, $210
Enjoy your massages side-by-side in our Couples Suite.
Just For the Feet
The World's Best Foot Massage 50 minutes, $80
The perfect treatment for those who love a great foot massage! Also ideal for someone who stands on their feet for hours at a time, day after day... First, your feet are enclosed in hot towels and then exfoliated. Next, your therapist performs Reflexology on both feet, followed by a very thorough foot massage with our deeply-moisturizing Renewing Soles Cream. A true treat for the feet!
Foot & Sole Reflexology 45 minutes, $55
Relax and balance at the same time. Our therapists utilize the Ingham Method ®, the true, clinical Reflexology. Reflexology is based on the theory that reflexes exist in the feet that correlate to the rest of the body’s nerves, organs, and body parts. By stimulating these reflexes through Reflexology, the body’s systems can become normalized and balanced, naturally.
*To learn more about Reflexology, please visit the International Institute of Reflexology online at: http://www.reflexology-usa.net/facts.htm. 
Prenatal Spa
Below are listed the treatments the Mother-To-Be can participate in 
and so desperately needs.
Prenatal Massage 80 minutes, $105, 50 minutes, $65  
We offer prenatal massage throughout all stages of pregnancy. A mother's body is constantly shifting as the baby grows, changing areas of stress on the body. This is a customized massage incorporating traditional Swedish massage therapy techniques (effleurage, petrissage, cross-fiber friction), acupressure, and Neuromuscular techniques, as needed.
*We do not provide deep tissue massage at any time during pregnancy.

Skin Nourishing Body Envelopment 80 minutes, $125
A Mother's skin need extra attention during her pregnancy! A light exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, to allow deep penetration of an intensely-moisturizing butter blend to nourish your skin.
Back-To-Body 80 minutes, $125
This is massage tailored to the new mother, to help bring her body back to normalcy after pregnancy. Therapeutic-grade essential oils are used to help encourage the body's excess fluids to drain and the skin to tone. Various massage techniques are also incorporated to re-energize the body. 

The Mother-To-Be can also experience the following spa therapies:
Head-to-Toe Sampler                                            Couples Massage
Foot & Sole Reflexology                                      Back, Neck & Shoulder Therapy
The World's Best Foot Massage
Revitalizing Add-Ons
These services can be added on to any 50-minute or longer service.
Renewing Sole Therapy 15 minutes, $20
Your feet are treated like royalty to the extreme that the rest of your body will be jealous! The feet are first exfoliated with our Renewing Soles Scrub...then soaked in herbal hot towels...then receive a slathering of Renewing Soles Cream during your foot-focused thorough massage. 
Ayurvedic Face & Scalp Massage 15 minutes, $20
An Aromatherapeutic experience! Using our Centered Mind Signature AromaBlend, your therapist will massage and stimulate Marma points along the scalp and face. Many of these points also correspond with acupressure points within Chinese Medicine...These points are known to induce relaxation and clarity of thought, as well as balance the energy in the body.
Body Buffing 15 minutes, $20
Exfoliating mitts are gently, yet vigorously brushed against the skin, in directions that encourage the lymph flow in the body. Very detoxifying to the body, and renewing and refreshing for the skin!
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