When You Nourish the Body, You've Nourished the Soul. - FATHER'S DAY IDEAS
Father's Day Ideas

Father's Day is Sunday June 18th, this Sunday!
Remember to celebrate your dad!

We found some great fun ideas you can do with your dad that you'll enjoy too, taken from Reader's Digest online:
-Take your dad go-karting! 
-Try paint ball!
-Go to a beer tasting. And Reader's Digest believes that beer is actually good for you! You'll have to check out their article to read more.
-Golf! Some dads are into this- you can also try a driving range or even miniature golf if he's not experienced with this. Fat Cats has glow-in-the-dark mini golf!
-Hit up the local art museum.
-Cook with your dad. Try a dish he might like or something you've been wanting to make.
-Go to an outdoor music festival; there's always some happening throughout the valley on weekends during the summer.
-Give him a gift certificate to the spa and get him pampered! (We especially like this one!)

Here's the link to the article from Reader's Digest: