When You Nourish the Body, You've Nourished the Soul. - WELCOME!

Come try out our LED Light Therapy today!
We have openings today at:
4:15          4:45
5:15          5:45
Cost is only $25 per 25 minute session.
These spots will fill up fast so give us a call now!

What are the benefits of LED Light Therapy?
Red LED light has been shown to dramatically increase the skin's production of collagen. This can improve the tone of the skin, helping to diminish stretchmarks, wrinkles, and firm and tighten the skin.
Blue LED light has been shown to be helpful for certain skin conditions, such as body acne. Some studies have also shown the blue LED light to be beneficial for those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder.
Our LED Light Therapy contains both Red LED and Blue LED lights, and are measured within the nanometer wavelength for therapeutic results. 


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"When You Nourish the Body, You've Nourished the Soul."
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